Our History

In 1992 residents of Clapton Park came together and campaigned for Clapton Park, Nye Bevan and Millfields estates to be run independently by the residents. After several years of campaigning Clapton Park Management Organisation was officially formed in 1994 as a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO).

This means that we are governed and managed by a Board which is led by local people.  The Board work with tenants, leaseholders, TMO staff and Hackney Council to achieve the common goal of making sure that Clapton Park is a safe, enjoyable and well maintained area to live.

Our plans for Clapton Park

We are aiming to deliver a 100 point Service Delivery plan to ensure we are achieving the best Housing services for our Residents. The Service Delivery Plan provides our plans for Repairs, Estate Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance, Customer Service, Housing Management & Governance.

A copy of our Service Delivery Plan with updates can be found here.

Image representing the history of CPMO.