020 8356 6300 cpmoenquiries@hackney.gov.uk

Millfields Road

Who is my Housing Officer?

Natasha James is your Housing Officer you can contact Natasha on 020 8536 6321 or email CPMOEnquiries@hackney.gov.uk

You can also raise a repair here: Request Repairs
You can check your Rent Balance here: Check Rent Balance
Who cleans my block?

The Bulk team Operatives are the assigned Clean Team Operatives to your area. Here is a copy of your cleaning schedule.

If you have any questions about the cleaning in your area you can contact Natasha.

Are there any upcoming works in my street/block?

There will be some road paving works happening in Millfields Estate around December 2018 to accommodate for the Estate Parking Permit implementation.

When will you do the walkabout in my area?

The last walkabout for Millfields Estate took place on the 31st October 2018. Here is a copy of the report. We will be looking to have another walkabout in the next quarter.