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The Poppy Estate

Clapton Park is known nationally as the Poppy Estate, this is due to the 300 metres of poppies that bloom across our estate rails every spring.

We pride ourselves in our very unique grounds maintenance in social housing, and thanks to the award winning Grassroof Company who have looked after the green spaces for 15 years.

Together with our residents, Grassroof Company have built 10 allotments, with over 60 plots, planted over 250 plant trees and bushes for everyone to use, have built 3 green roofs, been awarded winner of Silver Gilt in Chelsea Flower show, a national Housing Award for the spaces, had 3 television appearances and have had over 10 magazine articles published to celebrate our biodiversity and unique green spaces.

Here is a wonderful map showing you some of the changes and improvements to our gardens. Everything in the key has been built and planted with the residents since 2002.

Clapton Park Green Space map


Neighbourhood office

The great thing about being a TMO is that we have a Neighbourhood office right at the heart of our estate in Gilpin Square. It’s open Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm so you can pop in whenever you have a query about your tenancy, garages, want to raise a repair or just want to find out what is going on in the area.


My Block/Street

Click on the list below to find details about your block or street including how to contact your Housing Officer, information on cleaning, details on any works happening in your area or when the latest walkabouts will be.