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CPMO have in-house operatives who carry out up to 70% of our repairs works. They know the residents and the estate very well!

The Repairs team and our partners:

We have two dedicated Maintenance Operatives who carry out the majority of the works such as plumbing, carpentry and electrical jobs.  However, in some instances we will also look to our repairs contractors to help in specialist works.

When you book a repairs appointment we will usually tell you which contractor will carry out the work.

Please note all of our contractors were chosen subject to our Finance & Procurement Policy and have all had the relevant company checks carried out.

Below is a list of contractors we use for repairs and details of which jobs they carry out:

ABM Contracting Limited – More specialist works in electrical, plumbing, glazing, drainage, carpentry, UPVC, plastering, tiling, fencing and paving.

Drain Aid–specialist works regarding communal drains and gutters, unblocking the drain stacks.

Express Lift Alliance – Specialists in lift repairs

Fixatex Ltd –lighting works in and around the estate and they can assist with more extensive electrical works in individual properties.

Hackney Council’s Repairs Service – Carry out emergency out of hours works (any works between 6pm – 9am, weekends and bank holidays), Gas Servicing, Gas Breakdown.

Hackney Council’s Pest Control – Specialists in Infestation treatments for mice, rats, bed bugs, fleas, pharaoh ants, ghost ants, bees, wasps, pigeons and cockroaches.

SCCI Alphatrack Ltd –  Specialists in block intercoms and door entry systems.

Repairs Timescales

There are strict timescales based on the type of work required. Repairs are separated into 4 categories:

Priority 1 – Immediate

Immediate repairs are those that will need:

Priority 2 – Emergency (within 24 hours)

These are repairs that we will aim to do within 24 hours. Emergency jobs are those where the delay might seriously put at risk your possessions or might cause serious inconvenience.

Priority 3 – Urgent (within 7 days)

These are repairs that we aim to do within 7 days. Urgent jobs are those where delays might cause gradual damage to the property or your possessions in your property.

Priority 4 – Routine (within 28 days)

These are repairs that we will aim to do within 28 days. These include all the other repairs under our responsibility.

Our repair responsibilities / Your repair responsibilities

In terms of repairs to your property there are a few things that fall under your remit as the tenant. You can find details of this under the Repairs handbook.

See here for a manual of what our responsibilities are: Clapton Park Repairs Manual
You can also get a hard copy of the Repairs Handbook in the Neighbourhood office. 

It is our responsibility to carry out communal reactive repairs although some works will be carried out by Hackney Council or our external contractors, for example lighting to blocks.

Here is a list of works that are our responsibility:

Plumbing beyond the main stopcock
Plumber fittings
Window sills and ironmongery
Doors and ironmongery
Cupboards and kitchen units
Architrave and skirting
Staircases and balustrades
Floor finishes
Re-glazing of broken windows
Internal re-servicing of voids
External windows and doors (excluding roof hatches)
Gutters and down pipes
Soil stacks and vent pipes
Common staircases and landings
Common doors and windows (excluding roof hatches)
Refuse chutes and chambers
Common floor finishes
Internal non load bearing partitions
Internal surfaces of external walls
Community facilities
Fences, enclosure walls and gates
Children’s play areas (revenue repairs and inspections)
Surface and foul sewers
Surface and foul sewers
Water mains to stopcocks
Water tanks
Heating and hot water systems
Annual service of heating and hot water system
Floor structure, including joists and floorboards
Non adopted roads, footpaths, courtyards and parking areas
Pest Control – Environmental Services
Stair lifts
External Painting
In dwelling Replacement Repairs (excluding capital works)
In dwelling mould/condensation work (non-capital)
Trees maintenance (communal)
Aids and adaptations (outside 1 year warranty)
Forced entry (when not charged to tenant)
Twin Pumps (Hot and Cold Water)
Gerda Doors Repairs



Here is a list of responsibilities for Hackney Council:

Repairs relating to fire safety
Electrical services from the meter
Roof hatches
Electrical services to the common areas in blocks
Roofs-patch repairs
Garages (works to individual garages only)
Lighting for the grounds, footpaths, car parks and non-adopted roads
Lighting (external) attached to blocks only – not pole lighting
Emergencies in dwellings out of office hours
Emergencies communal areas out of office hours
External structure of buildings
Roof structure and covering
All asbestos materials
Electrical service to the meter
Door Entry Systems include handset in dwelling
Repairs to leaseholder properties when not responsibility of leaseholder
Gerda Doors Replacement

All leaseholders are to manage their own repairs, however if you’re a leaseholder but would like to raise an issue with a communal repair to your block then let us know and we will be able to look into this (in some instances we will be able to conduct the works for leaseholder properties but you will be recharged).

Times we operate

Our operatives work from 9am – 5pm on from Monday to Friday. We space out the time slots that are available. You will need to let us know what times are best for you. The slots available for booking repairs are:

9am – 12pm Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)
1pm – 5pm Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

If you need the operative to attend at specific times, due to school runs, or times a carer will be available then please let us know and we will endeavour to have the operative attend at those times.

For any works outside these hours or emergencies, you will need to call the Out of Hours no. on 020 8356 6391. 

Silver Service for over 65s

If you are aged 65 or over and have no able-bodied adults living with you capable of carrying out off jobs and home maintenance, our Silver Service can help.

If you provide the materials, we will provide the labour free of charge to carry out minor DIY tasks around your home that you may not be able to do.

The type of work that our maintenance team can help you with as part of the Silver Service includes:

More information about  the Silver Service

For more information or to book an appointment with the Silver Service please: